Green DeFi

Where every transaction is climate positive

Introducing the Green DeFi layer.

Brokoli transforms existing DeFi infrastructure by making price efficiency and climate action a part of every transaction.
Green DEX
Participate in climate action with every token swap - Brokoli finds the best trading paths across DEXs.
Green Investments
Make investments that combine financial return and impact for the planet. Track your impact real-time on our dashboard.
Green NFTs
Make direct donations and plant trees - every $1 dollar plants 2 trees. You’ll get a green NFT to show off your impact.
Green Lending
Provide loans that generate positive return for both you and the planet.
Green Yield Farming
Put your assets to work with proven hedge fund strategies. Your investment plants trees and generates return directly to your wallet.
Green Integrations
Any DeFi platform can implement our chain-agnostic API to allow you to opt-in to a small climate fee that offsets your transaction’s footprint.
How it works

Price Efficiency
Climate Positivity

Brokoli's fees are distributed via a token holder vote: 90% of the fees go to the planet, and 10% of the fees go back to the community.
real-time dashboard

We make impact available to the individual.

You can be just an ordinary folk who trades like you did before, but if you go through us, you’re making a difference with every single transaction.
The best part?

Climate decisions made by you rather than billionaires.

Give votes to projects you want to fund. Track real-time impact in trees planted and carbon emissions reduced on our climate dashboard.

Token Utility

Token burn
Staking rewards
User rewards
Liquidity rewards
Licensing fee
Climate positive stamp

timeline of brokoli

Product Roadmap

The Cool Climate Company

Project lead
Haroldas Pakalniskis
Former Citrus Accelerator
business development
Matas Danilaitis
Former Contrarian Ventures, Gulf Islamic Investments
Monika Poskute
Former Eskimi
Brokoli Green
Climate officer
Brokoli Green
Former vegetable
Behzad Pournouri
Former National Bank of Iran
Arunas Zezickas
Former Eskimi