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DEX, AI & Carbon Credits: The Cool Climate Company

Plant trees with our green solutions and make money doing it

Trade to plant

Brokoli's fees are distributed via a token holder vote: fees reward climate parliament DAO participants and plant trees.

Brokoli Network ($BRKL) $ %

$ market cap, 5k trees planted

Integrations that plant

Any project can integrate with Brokoli. Users are given the option at checkout to offset their carbon footprint by planting a tree with every transaction.

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Vote in the Climate Parliament DAO

Stake $BRKL and join the Climate Parliament DAO. Vote which climate projects get funded.

Earn voting power, liquidity rewards, distribution of $BRKL, early access to asset drops and events, and so much more...

Explore our campaigns

Eden Reforestation - Mozambique

Our work in Mozambique helps protect coastal communities from environmental disasters, improve fisheries, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and increase biodiversity while addressing the urgent need for poverty alleviation.

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Carico Coffee

Restoring biodiversity of the rapidly disappearing forests of the Bugisu Region of Uganda, whilst also stimulating its local economy & uplifting its community.

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Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF)

Restoring biodiversity of the degraded community forests in the Western Ghats of India.

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Our mission is to recreate natural forests around the country. In the last 18 years we have planted about a million trees, the last year we couldn't plant any because of the pandemic. The total area impacted by our reforestations is about 50 000 km 2

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Grupo Ambiental Natureza Bela

Our mission is to contribute to nature conservation through the recovery of degraded habitats, local awareness through environmental education, and the strengthening of citizenship.

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Gaia Nature Conservation Center

We started our planting programme in late 2018. In last 2020 only, we have planted 206,279 trees; restoring 76.6 hectares of land in special used watershed forest (most important land in terms of nature conservation and eco security), in five provinces.

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Enter the BRO Club

Your BRO is your key to the Green Metaverse. BRO Club NFTs are limited & can be sold for profit, with all in-world assets being hosted on the Polygon network, making transactions fast & available.

We are preparing the BRO Club to increase your $BRKL rewards.

Stock up on
NFTrees are earned via trading, each representing a real tree planted.
They can be sold to others as carbon credits.

timeline of brokoli network

Product Roadmap

Climate Impact Dashboard Launch
See your climate impact real-time
Brokoli Global Campaigns
Watch our campaigns across the world in real time
Climate Community
Brokoli NFT / token holders vote on allocations
Integration of climate AI advisor
Climate action leaders onboarded as partners
Green API integrations offered for Projects
Launching the API integration for other blockchains
Monthly Carbon Offset Subscriptions
Referral system for Subscriptions
Impact Asset Marketplace

Brokoli Network


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