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Plant trees and get NFTree carbon credits as tradable assets with sustainable ReFi


The New Green Web3 Standard

Every transaction on Brokoli plants a tree in real life. With each tree planted in real life, you get an NFTree: a tradable carbon credit that earns passive income in our ecosystem.

NFTrees sold as
certified carbon credit

Brokoli DeFi
products used

NFTree earned & added
to NFTree impact forest

Trees Automatically Planted
by Brokoli team

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Green DeFi - ReFi

Brokoli makes positive climate impact a part of every transaction at no extra cost for the user by planting trees in real life locations across the world.

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NFTree Carbon Credits

You’ll get a green NFTree to show off your impact - every $1 dollar plants 2 trees. Every tree planted = an NFTree. these grow in your personal climate imapct dashboard. Your NFTree forest.

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GameFi Trading

Brokoli makes positive climate impact trading fun and accessible for all users. The NFTree forest will grow to include minigames, badges and leaderboards.

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Bro NFT Integrations

Any BRO NFT holder will get access to the BRO Club. BRO Club earns you $BRKL rewards, minigame access & much more.

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Digital NFT Forest: Make, Own, and Sell Your Impact

Every time you use our ReFi products, you get NFTrees that can be sold for $BRKL.

These are digital Carbon Credits - each representing a certain amount of CO2.

Businesses enterprises or individuals use them to offset their own waste.

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Navigate your forests with your BRO NFT:


Grow your NFTree forest and compete on the real-time leaderboard.


The larger the forest, the larger your carbon offsetting power.


Customize and level up your Brokoli avatar - as you advance, more outfits, hairstyles, facial features and other perks will become available to purchase.